Apr 2, 2013

A little Princess

So last year Cibelle got this dress that she is wearing. She hadn't worn it before because it was too big. So now that she tried it, she can't stop talking about her "princess dress". I must say, that, indeed, she is right, she looks like a princess, my little princess.

Apr 1, 2013

Oh hey friends... Happy Easter!

I know, I know, it's been a very long time. I been so busy looking for a job which is not fun at all. It's stressful, very stressful, and not because I am going to be working but just thinking that I am going to be leaving my daughter with someone else, scares me! I've left my daughter a few hours with my parents here and there but nothing major like an 8 hr day. (Well I lie, I have left my daughter once, when I went to Chicago with one of my friends, but that was less than 24 hrs.)

(I am getting ahead of myself) But I'll update you once I get closer to that stage. I mean, I have to find a job first.

So Easter, yes, Easter. We had a lovely day, we went to church in the AM and then we had lunch and a day at the park. I actually borrowed a sweet little bunny from a local farm, so Cibelle could see a real bunny, and not the ones at the mall (which scares me, nothing cute about them).

Of course, I got pictures. It wouldn't be a blog post without pictures. Here are my favorite outtakes!

Jan 29, 2013

over the weekend...

Over the weekend we hung out with our friends. We are super sad that they will soon be leaving to go back to Florida. So we had a day filled with fun; we went to brunch and we headed to the park. We sure will miss them. 

Look how cute Cibelle looks with Karen Juliana!

Jan 17, 2013

motherly love

And this my friends, is how I found my daughter today. Loving and rocking her baby to sleep. 
One of the sweetest things that I've seen!

By the way the other day, I hugged Cibelle first thing in the morning and I said I love you, and she replied "Thank you mommy, you're the best!" 
My heart skipped a beat! 

I couldn't believe she said that. Keep in mind, she is not talking clear yet, but I definitely understood that! And now she keeps saying that, as if she knows that I love hearing it!

Jan 14, 2013

Oh hey 2013!

Hey friends, we've been gone for way too long! We have been sick for what seems forever! Two weeks ago, Cibelle had strep (who knows how she got that!?) and then I got sick and now that I am better she is sick again, with a virus. Poor baby! So we are slowing life just a tad bit and not going anywhere till this flu season is done with. I JOKE! But seriously this whole flu epidemic can be over now!

Last week while I was sick and she was healthy, we found out she could draw circles. I mean, I knew that she knew her shapes but I didn't really think she understood the whole concept. Guess I was wrong! So I was doing some stuff and she found a random piece of paper and started drawing circles and started yelling "Circles." Luckily I had my camera close to me.

circles from Karen Lugo on Vimeo.

That day she was wearing her Notre Dame cheerleading outfit proudly, but unfortunately Notre Dame lost the game! Oh well, maybe next year!

Dec 17, 2012

Merry Christmas to YOU!

Hey friends, we've been a little MIA due to a sick little girl over here. Plus we had family over from out of town, and we were busy little bees. But we finally had time to take Cibelle's Christmas photo this year, and I am in LOVE! Here it is!

I hope you guys have a wonderful and merry little Christmas with your love ones! Hug and love them a lot this holiday season!


Karen and Cibelle

Dec 5, 2012

and this is my favorite ornament series!

Last year, I added my favorite ornaments to the blog (here). Well since this year I have a new favorite ornament that I recently got, I decided to make a series for the years to come!

This year we couldn't forget to add a little Disney magic to our tree! And this is my favorite ornament this year!

You can find similar here!

Dec 4, 2012

Christmas has arrived at our house!

So we finally got to put our Christmas tree after a lot of debate due to a toddler. I am so in love with it, but I just hope it last like this till Christmas!

Nov 27, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Cibelle!

On Sunday we celebrated Cibelle's second birthday. It was nothing big, just something small between my parents and I, and of course some our family via facetime. We will have a small gathering soon once family arrives from out of town. I can't wait to see the cake that my mom will make. Did I tell you, she makes killer cakes. Here's last years! Over all, we had an excellent time!

Here is a small video of how everything went! (Sorry everything is in Spanish)

Cibelle 2 bday from Karen Lugo on Vimeo.

PS Hope you had an excellent thanksgiving and long weekend!